OncotRF provides an integrated view of dysregulated tRFs among cancers. It serves as a starting point for users to study tRF gene regulation and its functional role in cancers.

OncotRF provides comprehensive functional annotations of dysregulated tRFs among cancers. It gives new insights into tRFs and helps users generate testable hypotheses to study the molecular mechanisms of tRFs in cancers.

OncotRF provides the clinical relevance of these dysregulated tRFs to cancers. It helps users choose novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in their clinical investigations.


✿ 11211 Samples;

✿ total 6966 tRFs;

✿ 271 3'U-tRFs;

✿ 799 3'-tRFs;

✿ 992 5'-tRFs;

✿ 4933 i-tRFs.

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Transfer RNA derived RNA fragments (tRFs) are a novel class of small non-coding RNAs and are abundant in many organisms. Emerging evidence suggests that tRFs play important roles in various physiological cellular processes, and cancer development and progression.

Our web database named “OncotRF” provides a valuable resource (including the detected tRFs, cancer super-driver tRFs and tRF tumor subtypes) for the research community to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, develop cancer therapy and study cancer pathogenesis.

Main Features

  • We comprehensively and systematically characterized the profile of 5ʹ-, 3ʹ-, i-tRFs and 3'U-tRFs using 11211 small RNA sequencing data sets among 33 cancer types from TCGA;
  • Detailed tRF information can be searched in OncotRF;
  • Different expression analysis, correlation analysis and functional analysis are provided in OncotRF;
  • Survival analysis and network analysis are also available in OncotRF.