Disease name in orignal paper DOID Norm Name
active pulmonary tuberculosis DOID:2957 pulmonary tuberculosis
acute myeloid leukemia DOID:9119 acute myeloid leukemia
Alzheimer's disease DOID:10652 Alzheimer's disease
angiogenesis   angiogenesis
arsenic poisoning;arsenite-induced skin oncogenesis DOID:4159 skin cancer
atherosclerosis DOID:1936 atherosclerosis
basal cell carcinoma DOID:2513 basal cell carcinoma
bladder cancer DOID:4007 bladder carcinoma
bladder carcinoma DOID:4007 bladder carcinoma
breast cancer DOID:1612 breast cancer
breast carcinoma DOID:1612 breast cancer
cancer DOID:162 cancer
cardiovascular disease DOID:1287 cardiovascular system disease
carotid plaque rupture and stroke DOID:6713 cerebrovascular disease
cervical carcinoma DOID:4362 cervical cancer
clear cell renal cell carcinoma DOID:4467 renal clear cell carcinoma
colon cancer DOID:9256 colon cancer
colorectal cancer DOID:9256 colorectal cancer
coronary artery disease DOID:3393 coronary artery disease
depression DOID:1596 mental depression
diabetes mellitus DOID:9351 diabetes mellitus
diabetes mellitus correlated vasculopathy   vasculopathy
diabetic retinopathy DOID:8947 diabetic retinopathy
Duchenne muscular dystrophy DOID:11723 Duchenne muscular dystrophy
esophageal cancer DOID:5041 esophageal cancer
esophageal squamous cell carcinoma DOID:3748 esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
gastric cancer DOID:10534 gastric cancer
glioma DOID:0060108 glioma
hepatic steatosis DOID:9452 fatty liver
hepatocellular carcinoma DOID:684 hepatocellular carcinoma
Hirschsprung's disease DOID:10487 Hirschsprung's disease
hypertension DOID:10763 hypertension
hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma DOID:8533 hypopharyngeal cancer
hypoxia   hypoxia
intervertebral disc degeneration DOID:90 degenerative disc disease
leukoaraiosis   leukoaraiosis
liver cancer DOID:3571 liver cancer
lung adenocarcinoma DOID:3910 lung adenocarcinoma
lung cancer DOID:1324 lung cancer
major depressive disorder DOID:1470 major depressive disorder
maternal aging   maternal aging
melanoma DOID:1909 melanoma
Moyamoya disease DOID:13099 Moyamoya disease
multiple sclerosis DOID:2377 multiple sclerosis
neuroinflammatory disorders   neuroinflammatory disorders
non small cell lung cancer DOID:3908 non small cell lung carcinoma
oral squamous cell carcinoma DOID:0050866 oral squamous cell carcinoma
osteoarthritis DOID:8398 osteoarthritis
osteosarcoma DOID:3347 osteosarcoma
papillary thyroid carcinoma DOID:3969 papillary thyroid carcinoma
photoaging   photoaging
pre-eclampsia DOID:10591 pre-eclampsia
prostate cancer DOID:10283 prostate cancer
retinal vascular dysfunction DOID:2462 retinal vascular disease
rheumatoid arthritis DOID:7148 rheumatoid arthritis
stage III gastric cancer DOID:10534 gastric cancer
T cell ageing and global immunosenescence T cell ageing
triple negative breast cancer DOID:1612 breast cancer
type 2 diabetes mellitus DOID:9351 diabetes mellitus
vascular dysfunction; high glucose and hypoxia stress DOID:178 vascular disease