Circular RNAs as a novel type of ncRNAs, display cell or tissuespecific expression and are conserved across species. The expression of circRNAs is highly stable in comparison with their linear counterparts, and is predominantly localized in the cytoplasm, indicating important functions in human diseases and developments.

Circ2Disease, a database that manually curated experiment-supported human circRNAs, aims at providing a comprehesive associations between of circRNA and human diseases. And we also integrated experimentally verified miRNAs and miRNA targets from several databases, such as HMDD v2.0, OncomiRDB, miRTarBase, etc. (More..)


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Version: 1.0

5368 associations

237 circRNAs

217 diseases

313 miRNAs sponges

1746 miRNA targets

647 RBPs